Parent and Child

Parent and Child Classes

Our parent and child classes offer family fun…wrapped in a professionally planned, educationally sound program of developmental movements and sensory motor experiences. This continuous, year-round program is designed to guide you in helping your 18-month to 3 year-old boys and girls develop motor skills through interactive play as well as social skills with others in a positive atmosphere.

A qualified preschool gymnastics instructor facilitates the class, helping your child learn the basic positions (mountains, pikes, straddles, tucks), floor skills (rolls, handstands) as well as balance beam, bars, and trampoline skills. We will help you introduce your child to the wonderful world of gymnastics and movement through a variety of fun and challenging activities. We have child friendly warm ups with movement to music that develop gross motor skills, flexibility, and body awareness.

We teach students using a system of obstacle courses consisting of several stations performed in a particular order, such as:

    • Forward roll on a wedge-shaped mat
    • Jumping on the tumble track
    • Bar skills that involve upper body strength

We also use stations that work on hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Our large foam pit is a hit, children love spending time jumping into a sea of foam cubes.

Recommended dress for class: For girls, a leotard and shorts. For boys, shorts and a t-shirt. For parents, clothing that will be comfortable for activity.