Happy New Year. Help your child get fit and have some flipping fun in 2016.



About Chapin Christian Gymnastics

Chapin Christian Gymnastics is a multi-faceted USA Gymnastics club where faith, fitness, and gym are partnered to develop the total child. We teach classes for the following:

  • All Olympic events for girls
  • Tumbling for Cheerleaders, Dance or fun
  • Home School gymnastics
  • Dancing Gym Bears, 30 minutes of gymnastics and 30 minutes of Ballet
  • Boys trampoline and tumbling
  • Parent and child coordination classes

We also host birthday parties, open gym/parents night out, special group play times and Holiday/Summer Camps as well as FREE Summer VBS.

Please Note:  We’re willing to add new essay online by essayonlinewriter.com class days and times if we have enough interest