We have decided to open back up even though the schools are closed for the rest of the week. We do feel that our area is safe and the water boil has been lifted. If you are in an unsafe area please know that you may make up your classes at a later time when your roads are stable.

We will have open gym Friday from 7 to 10 pm, for all those who may be a little stir crazy.



About Chapin Christian Gymnastics

Chapin Christian Gymnastics is a multi-faceted USA Gymnastics club where faith, fitness, and gym are partnered to develop the total child. We teach classes for the following:

  • All Olympic events for girls
  • Tumbling for Cheerleaders, Dance or fun
  • Home School gymnastics
  • Dancing Gym Bears, 30 minutes of gymnastics and 30 minutes of Ballet
  • Boys trampoline and tumbling
  • Parent and child coordination classes

We also host birthday parties, open gym/parents night out, special group play times and Holiday/Summer Camps as well as FREE Summer VBS.

Please Note:  We’re willing to add new class days and times if we have enough interest